I mean, really. I have been feeling the strain of it quite a bit lately - maybe because of the season, maybe because work has been crazy (when has it not been crazy?).

Early summer moves slowly. Life (as we are accustomed to living it) moves quickly. And watching a crab apple tree grow leaves and flower over the course of several weeks reminds me how far we have strayed from what seems to be the natural pace of our world.

I just learned that dandelions and tulips close at nighttime. I don't know how I never noticed this. But think how slowly a flower must move - twice a day, every day - to be unnoticed.

Did you know that Americans are exposed to 247-5,000* ads each day?

*Even a measure of over-stimulation is over-stimulating.


Happy May Day...

(If I stand on tippy toes, I can almost actually see summertime.)