Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Take a stroll around the house with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I PROMISE you it will be the most satisfying part of your weekend.

I had scuffs, dirt, and stains I thought I would be living with forever. And poof, they're gone!

This is how they work.

And here are a bazillion uses.


Vinegar + Anne = New BFF

In my quest for environmentally friendly cleaning products I have often come across vinegar as a suggested cleanser - and have always pooh-poohed it due to its very unpleasant smell.

But I finally gave in and tried it today. Um, wow! My kitchen sink has never been so happy and shiny! The dirt willingly jumps right off and all of my hard water spots are gone (poof, magic).

I have no doubt that I can now conquer the world armed with a bottle of vinegar and an old toothbrush.

1001 Uses for Vinegar



This is the worst time of year. March in Minnesota is yucky: cold, dreary, dirty. The newness of winter and the freshness of the snow are gone. It drags.

What makes it even harder is that two years ago at this time I was in beautiful Coffee Bay, South Africa. It holds my heart more than I ever imagined a geographic location could. I spent my days on those hills above the ocean, watching the waves roll in, sitting still in the warm sun; exploring rocks and shells, pools of water and sea life.

I'm watching the sun set outside my window at work just now and it is gorgeous - reminds me very much of this Coffee Bay sunset, two years ago. Something about the hues are just right.

And I have been thinking a lot these last few weeks about why exactly it is that I choose to be where I am - when there are so many other more desirable locations in the world. Then I am remembering how lonely South Africa was for those three months.

My friends and family are here. That's what makes Minnesota energizing, breath-taking, and ultimately fulfilling. I take you all for granted far too often. Sarah, you are the ocean waves. Abby, you are the sea shells. Shannon, you are the goats and cows (not so flattering, I realize, but they make me laugh just as you are always able to do). And Mom, you are the sun - keeping my heart warm.



I ♥... - The February 25th, 2009 Edition

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

Jamaican and Zambian coffee

Happy hour sushi at Nami

Afternoon sun through my window at work

My new bromeliad, about to bloom

(it's from the pineapple family!)


Valentine's Day

Oh, the number one is not my favorite number (why?)
'Cause one means only me and there's no you (aw, Ernie)
But one plus one you see
Makes two, that's you and me
And it's more fun when one and one make two

Oh, one and one make two
At least I'm pretty sure they do
Oh yes it's true
One and one make two

Now, everyone needs somebody to share with
A pal to help and care for through and through
And there's no one that I've known
Who can do those things alone
It's a lot nicer when one and one make two

Oh, one and one make two
At least I'm pretty sure they do
Oh yes it's true
One and one make two

-One and One Make Two, sung by Bert & Ernie


From my kitchen window this morning...

The sun is rising upon a beautiful new day.


You know it's cold when...

You wake up in the morning to find a pillow frozen to the window by your bed.