Families, Love & Summertime

A weekend with my family in Minnesota's beautiful lake country helps to remind me what matters.

I don't need to - earn six figures/end global poverty/travel the world/be CEO - to be happy.

I'll be just fine with-

a yard and some flowers ... kids and then grandkids ... church every Sunday ... birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baptisms ... friends to grow old with ... someone I am in love with forever ...

and a summer day up north at the lake.

at a little wooden cabin
up in northern minnesota

we ran together down to the dock

and you jumped right off it

and from out in the water

you called me to join you

and i said baby i cannot swim

if i jump i’ll surely drown you

you said life has no limit

if you’re not afraid to get in it

and oh baby i jumped to you

since then there’s nothing i can’t do

i'm never gonna give you up
what do you got if you ain't got love

If You Ain't Got Love, Mason Jennings