RNC Protests

There's a whole lot to read about the protests during the RNC and the unwarranted violence and force used by police - not to mention the many, many illegal arrests. Feel free to check any number of alternative media sites.

But I'm glad to see that even the mainstream media is acknowledging the injustice - the video below is from the Pioneer Press. I'm guessing it's only because so many of their journalists were arrested but that's okay, as long as it's acknowledged.

It all makes me a little sick, really. I understand there's a fine balance between security and honoring the first amendment (and basic human rights, for that matter) but I'd argue that we definitely missed it this past week. I'm disappointed in you, St. Paul.

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abigail emerson said...

Yeah, it's such a tough issue. During the protest/march I watched on Tuesday, the police were by far the more peaceful group. They were just standing around or moving in different formations as the march progressed--but with so many of them, and all in full riot gear, you could tell the effect was intimidating and therefore counterproductive. But it was the marchers and especially the alternative media folks who were taunting the police--the police just had to stand there and take it. I found that really disturbing.

I agree that the show of force on Thursday was excessive given the peaceful nature of the (illegal) protest. But you can totally see how they got there. They went with a low-key presence the first day and ended up with broken windows and injured delegates. So they upped their game and got taunted for two days. Then (from the police perspective) this march takes an illegal route, takes over a bridge, and refuses to disperse for several hours.

It just seems like the situation sets up both sides to fail.