Christmas is a Feeling in Your Heart

I generally complain about how long the Christmas season is - I think most of us do. But doesn't it always seem like Christmas is here too soon? I never feel I have fully celebrated. I wish I had a full week for decking the halls, figgy pudding, and one-horse-open-sleigh rides.

I have, however, come up with some small, everyday (okay, somewhat kitschy) ways to celebrate that have become cherished traditions.

Gaudy Christmas Pins
Wear one on your winter coat. Pins with jingle bells or flashing lights get extra points.

Green and Red InkUsing green and red pens will feel particularly festive in cubicalville.

Nog in Coffee
Use egg nog, soy nog, whatever nog best suits you.

Holiday Music on Pandora

Christmas Socks
Again, jingle bells are a nice touch here (your coworkers will love them, I promise).

Merry Christmas!


April Campbell said...

They also have rice milk nog, and Lactaid egg nog, O and the Holly Nog...

mindy said...

I used to have Christmas socks that had a little musical device in them. You pressed a button and they'd play Jingle Bells in a very high pitched, annoying beep-like song. They were lovely, and I miss them dearly. I imagine my coworkers would have loved them.