Underqualified for Life - the intro

I thought I'd do well being a temp but I have to admit, it's starting to stress me out. There is something to be said for predictability in life. At the same time, do I really want to commit to something for the next year or more? (Panic sets in.)

Anyway, I had an interview last week for an Office Services Coordinator position at a great company. I would be good at it, it wouldn't be too stressful and I think I'd be happy. Unfortunately, the interview did not go well and I've been analyzing it since trying to figure out why. My conclusion is that the questions she asked me were ridiculous - but probably fitting for the position - and I hadn't properly prepared for them.

"Can you tell me about your experience with printer toner?"

"Sure... in the office I managed previously, we had a printer... and... it used toner... and I was responsible for replacing the toner cartridge."
"...When it was empty."

"Okay, great. And what is your experience with ordering office supplies?"

"Well, in that same position I was also responsible for ordering office supplies... for our office of 4 people."
"...Paper clips, post-it notes, pens."

"And how did you know when those items needed to be ordered?"

"Um, I would usually look in the office supply room and notice that we were running low on something. Or someone would tell me if they needed a particular supply... usually."

Tuesday begins Week 9 of life as a temp and my new assignment involves researching and applying previously unapplied payments.

Please tell me I have more to look forward to than this.


sarah said...

You have more to look forward to than this. You are amazing and capable, and its scary that those are honestly questions asked at an interview. It plays like an episode of The Office (at least in my mind.) I love you incredibly... Let's brainstorm about amazing things... to take our mind off the here and now.

Joel and Jared said...

damn the man, save the empire. I'm glad you're blogging about life at home. I'll see you back in the cities in a few weeks.