Thoughts over Alfredo Florentine

I have been thinking a lot lately about corporations (and highly recommend watching The Corporation to anyone who hasn't). These thoughts are with me specifically, now, as I'm eating my lovely frozen meal of Chicken Alfredo Florentine at my desk, as a temp, in the guest office at Anonymous Company A.

On a side note, one of my coworkers thinks it would be really funny if I changed my name to Guest (because that's what the nameplate says). He also thinks it's really funny to make jokes about temp workers killing permanent employees and hiding the dead bodies around the office. Haha.

I know corporations aren't an unchartered topic and I don't expect these thoughts to be revolutionary, by any means. But seriously, what's the deal with merging and acquiring? Is it some primal urge that we have? Do we need safety in numbers?

The goal seems to be building an empire with subsidiaries of affiliates and partners of holding companies. Why isn't it enough to be small and just do what you do really well? (And I pose this question mostly to the men of the world - because we all know that if solely women were running the place things would be much different.)

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