Independent Shops and Etsy

April and Joel started a campaign to support independent and local shops - so I'm going to try that for a while. They have been exclusively shopping local since September 1st and plan to stick to it for 6 months (though they did make an exception last weekend for Chipotle and Dunkin' Donuts since we were in Chicago).

The economist in me was hesitant at first - doesn't specialization increase efficiency? - but I do realize, of course, that efficiency isn't everything. So with the exception of grocery shopping (which requires a shift in lifestyle much larger than I can commit to right now), I will not set foot in any corporate establishments - including Starbucks, Target and Blockbuster - from now until March.

Fortunately, I recently discovered the brilliance that is Etsy - 'Your place to buy & sell all things handmade.'(TM) Not only is it a wonderful concept but the website is well-built, allowing you to do things like shop by color and view items that were recently purchased. There is now an Etsy Favorites section in my sidebar.

Doesn't it just make you feel good to see all of these people who are creating instead of just consuming? The world needs more of that.


sarah said...

I'm glad you're jumping on the (oh so small) bandwagon for a while. Two questions:

1) Do your family and friends support your decision (critical one)

2) Is Gap planning on having any big sales between now and March, cause that could be a tough one. Although on the consumer watch pages, they pretty much suck it up, so maybe it's good that we aren't buying.

anne said...

1) Hmm... good question! Blake is a fan - and he's the only one it will really affect day-to-day. So... yes.

2) Gap is always having a big sale (they're good like that). I did just remove my name from their email list and put my Gap Card away in a drawer - though I can't quite bring myself to part with it yet.

But who needs Gap anyway when you have Birch Clothing - right?