Three separate items - all are incredibly necessary to your day (and probably to your life - though I can't comfortably make that assertion).

1. "Down the hall":

We were talking about the overuse of quotes at work the other day and one of my coworkers forwarded this email to me (from her boss at her previous job). I have read it several times and it still makes me laugh out loud.

From: X
Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 10:23 AM
To: - DL - Corporate Division
Subject: "Down the hall" breaks

All staff need to "go down the hall" on occasion. Please be very "co-operative" when a co-worker requests "coverage" in order to do so. Our division has 2 areas that require "immediate" attention by our staff. They are the "counter" and "phones". These 2 areas must at all times be "manned".

All staff will try to take their "down the hall" breaks when at all possible during their times off the phones & counter, but let's all be co-operative with each other when the need arises.


2. Parent of the year award:

I don't even remember how this topic came up - but April was telling me about a family she used to nanny for and their 6-year-old daughter who had a bed wetting problem. After trying many other approaches, the grandma finally purchased a sort of diaper that gives you an ELECTRICAL SHOCK when you pee. I mean, honestly. I can't get over how ridiculous (and terribly mean) that is. The little girl was so scared of getting shocked in the middle of the night that she couldn't fall asleep. Well done, parents.

3. A puppy in a onesie:

Okay, I'm generally against clothing animals - but I think this puppy is the cutest thing I have ever seen. Target now has an extensive line of pet clothing and accessories (including pieces by renowned designer, Isaac Mizrahi) and we might discuss the societal implications of consumerism for pets at a later date - but for now, how adorable!

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mindy said...

I am confused as to how you are a reader of my blog and also generally opposed to putting clothes on animals. Not that I am complaining of course, but you see how confusing this might be, right? Perhaps I have been a good influence!? I can only hope.