So it's cold. Cold-cold. And let's just say I'm not dealing well. (Fortunately, I splurged and bought this a few weeks ago. Totally worth the $20.) I experienced frozen nose hair a few nights ago and it was unpleasant, as usual, so I was complaining to Blake and he had NO IDEA what I was talking about. How is that possible after living here for so many years? Sometimes I wonder about that boy.

I started to doubt myself and did a google search for "frozen + nose + hair" so I could email him some scientific evidence of this phenomenon. But nothing - only personal accounts and some links to nose hair trimmers. I don't know what I expected - shouldn't Wikipedia have a page on frozen nose hair or something? I feel like the internet community is letting me down on this one.

So whoever has some free time, please Wiki it up. It needs to be done. The people of Minnesota, who suffer through 4 long months of cold every year, deserve a page dedicated to frozen nose hair.


sarah said...

I'm so relieved you saved $1.72 buying the Wagan on Amazon. Does Etsy not carry them?? :P

mindy said...

I think the people of Minnesota (ie, ME) also deserve a medal. Or medalS.