It's What's For Dinner

Fine and noble blog readers, I propose a pooling of ideas.

I'm so tired of feeding myself. I mean, what's the deal? It's like EVERY DAY I have to eat. I desperately miss the days of someone else (i.e. my mom) making dinner every night. And it just doesn't make sense for me to put all of that effort into one meal for just myself. I've been better about cooking in bulk but you can only eat super-healthy chicken and vegetable soup so many times in one week - and I had it again for lunch today.

So I arrived home from work again tonight without the energy or ingredients required to seriously prepare a meal and considered my usual array of sustenance options:
-Peanut butter and jelly
-Frozen waffles
-Pasta with olive oil and parmesan cheese
-Canned soup

When I'm feeling creative, I will occasionally also eat:
-Pita bread and hummus
-A burrito with kidney beans, salsa and cheese

That's it. So what does the rest of the world eat for dinner? I'm in desperate need of some fresh ideas. Please post.


sarah said...

We're really into risotto lately. Yes, technically still pasta, but almost rice. Just delicious.
Boil risotto. Cut up some of the sun dried tomatoes. olive oil, salt and basil. A little grated cheese if you're feeling really big about it.

abigail emerson said...

I second the risotto idea. I buy the box at the grocery store with all the spices already in it, then add a few things: canned or leftover veggies (usually tomatoes), artichoke hearts, ground turkey or spicy turkey sausage, and sprinkle parmesan on top. It's basically like a hot dish without the work and the fat.

Have you heard my rant about how daunting it is to think of feeding myself 3 meals a day for the rest of my life? I understand that this is not a bad problem to have, what with the people who face a lifetime of hunger, but it's still daunting.

abigail emerson said...

I've also fallen in love with Amy's organic frozen meals. They're reasonably priced at Super Target. They have a great mac and cheese, really good burritos, and decent veggie lasagna.

Anne said...

dinner is SO hard...lately all i eat is frozen pizza and chocolate chip ice cream.