Slow day, apparently

Usually I can only tolerate the traditional media outlets for news (thanks, Macalester). But it might be more than I can handle today.

Como's new baby orangutan will be named Jaya
The public cast votes and donated money with each vote to determine the primate's new name, which was announced during a ceremony Monday at the St. Paul Zoo.

Land O' Lakes' new product breaks butter tradition
Land O' Lakes today says it will start offering its 1-pound package of salted butter in eight "half sticks," breaking the tradition of the standard pack of four sticks.

I have never understood zoo news. I wonder if it's as big in other parts of the country as it is here. But now we have butter news? For heaven's sake.

There must be people who care, right? Otherwise we wouldn't see stories like this in the paper. But WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?


abigail emerson said...

I purchased a gift from etsy.com and it was great! Also, have you looked at the MN gift guide on this site: http://www.mn2020.org/ ?

I have to admit, I read the zoo story on the bus today and it brought me some cheer--which is perhaps why they continue to publish these inane stories.

abigail emerson said...

I hope you didn't miss this.

(ps I was so impressed with your use of html in a blog comment that I went and learned how to do it)