The Weather

Yes, I'm blogging about The Weather. I realize that many people specifically dislike discussion about The Weather, but I'm not one of them. And I haven't posted for a while.

Surfers talk about swell - snowboarders, powder - Minnesotans, The Weather. If we lived in California, there would be no need. It's 75 and sunny, 75 and sunny, 75 and sunny. How boring.*

Living here, at the mercy of an unpredictable and wretched climate, The Weather is something worth discussing.

So I am completely justified in exclaiming, IT WAS 50 AND SUNNY TODAY!

Looks like we're quickly approaching Mud** - I'd better break out the galoshes.

*boring = absolutely wonderful

**My version of the seasons goes something like this like this:


sarah said...

I can't wait for sun-warm-happy-love. =)

mindy said...

I had a friend visit from NY in January and it was 35 degrees that weekend. Everyone kept saying everywhere we went, "Nice weather we're having today!". She was like "how bad is the weather usually??" I said "well, pretty bad, but Minnesotans will kill the topic of WEATHER any time of year - without fail."

So true.

abigail emerson said...

It was 50 and sunny today?

anne said...

No, but it was 50 and sunny on Tuesday - when I posted this.